Pottery Pit Firing

Ric Lamore – Broadwing Clay Studio

Saturday, July 22, 2017  Noon
DEMO starting

Sunday, July 23, 2017  Noon

Pit firing is ancient. It’s the oldest known way to fire pottery, with examples going back as early as 29,000 – 25,000 BC. Ric is not ancient. But he has been making pots for 25 years, and the last several have included pit firing demonstrations at his studio. He takes unfired clay pots, nestles them together in a pit, then covers them with wood shavings, leaves, metal oxides, and salts, then he adds a protective metal baffle. He and a crew start a fire and tend it until most of the internal fuel burns up, with top temperatures reaching around 2,000 degrees. After cooling and buffing, the pots reveal beautiful patterns and colors left by ash and salt deposits. Potters from the Clay Collective will make pots, prepare, fire and tend the pit on Saturday. Then on Sunday, their one-of-a-kind pottery will be revealed and available for sale to the public.