FeLion Studios Iron Pour

Saturday, July 22, 2017   5pm-9pm

Ever see liquid metal?

It’s pretty amazing. FeLion Studios and a crew of Midwest metal artists will show you its unusual properties, as they wield their talents and (very carefully) hustle to melt and pour molten iron into molds before they harden.

A demonstration on Saturday will feature the iron artists at work including pouring a ton of metal into sand moulds created by Midwest Fire Fest visitors and enthusiasts!

Create a one-of-kind, everlasting iron piece!

Sand mould making will available for a limited time on Saturday, July 22 between 10:00am-3pm at the Midwest Fire Fest.

When we are ready to pour molten metal, the iron will flow into your carved sand design (filling in all the details) to reveal a one-of-a-kind iron casting that you made from scratch!


Want to carve your design before the Midwest Fire Fest?

Sand mould workshop

There are two workshops in July!

Cambridge WI: July 15, 2017  >

Madison WI: July 16, 2017  >